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3 Benefits of Using Palm Kernel Shell that You Need to Know

Palm Kernel Shell (PKS): Many people do not know that apart from the benefits that can be enjoyed from the oil produced from palm oil, it turns out that there are also significant benefits resulting from palm kernel shells. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not know this. Waste of palm kernel shell/meal is often overlooked, even though the benefits are enormous.

Palm oil does provide many benefits for society, but what you need to know is that there is production waste produced from palm oil, such as palm kernel shells. Humans, who are basically intelligent creatures, utilize this waste to become waste that has economic value and is used for various needs.

3 Benefits of Palm Kernel Shell

Even though many people still do not know it, palm kernel shells are a prevalent ingredient on the market because they have many benefits. Palm kernel shells are said to be an added value in waste processing. Here are 3 benefits of using palm kernel shell; see the explanation below!

1. As Raw Material for Charcoal

The benefit of using palm kernel shells that you need to know is that they are used as raw material for charcoal. Currently, charcoal is famous as a raw material for making a product, which is commonly known as “charcoal.” Therefore, PKS can be used in health and hygiene products that we use every day.

2. As an Animal Feed Ingredient

Based on what was stated in a study, palm kernel shells have excellent properties that allow them to be used as raw material for animal feed. Apart from that, the economic price can also make it easier for farmers to pay for animal feed such as chickens, ducks, and so on.

3. As an Alternative Boiler Material

Not only the oil, but the shell of palm oil also has excellent benefits, you know! Palm kernel shell waste can be converted into steam, which can make machines work. Apart from that, PKS can also function as a source of power for engines that produce steam power. Very useful, right?

There are many benefits that can be obtained from palm kernel shells, you know! It is time for us to make the best use of it because it supports waste processing, which can have a positive impact on the environment by utilizing waste that has economic value.

Palm Kernel Shell Producer

Makmur Amanah Sejahtera, commonly abbreviated as MAS, is a company that operates in the field of alternative animal feed by utilizing palm oil processing waste in the form of palm kernel shells. We are here as a producer to help you overcome the problem of palm oil processing waste and also be a solution for those of you whose animal feed needs continue to increase.

You don’t need to worry about our legality because Makmur Amanah Sejahtera has been registered with the Minister of Investment, Head of the Investment Coordinating Board. Therefore, we have obtained permission to run a complete business in the supply sector.

Makmur Amanah Sejahtera provides a variety of products for your needs, such as low-fat palm kernel meal, which is usually used as raw material for animal feed because palm kernel meal has a high protein content, then export quality palm kernel shell which is usually used for boiler fuel and as stone replacement material—coal, high-quality crude palm oil, and also palm oil fertilizer to produce superior kernels.

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For those of you who are in need of a trusted animal feed producer, you can contact us via our telephone number or WhatsApp, or you can also contact us via email Get the best price offer for you!

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