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Fisheries Businesses: Application of Palm Kernel Meal as Additional Feed to Increase Fish Production

Fisheries Businesses: Application of Palm Kernel Meal as Additional Feed to Increase Fish Production

Fisheries Business – Palm kernel meal is a by-product of the palm oil industry and is obtained after the oil extraction process from palm kernel. Usually, palm kernel meal is used as animal feed, especially for ruminant animals such as cows. However, in recent years, palm kernel meal has also begun to be considered as an additional fish feed, and the results are quite promising.

Why Can Palm Kernel Meal Be a Good Additional Feed for Fish?

1. Good Nutritional Content

Palm kernel meal contains nutrients that are good enough for fish growth. The protein and fat content in palm kernel meal can be a good source of energy for fish. Apart from that, palm kernel meal also contains crude fiber, neutral detergent fiber, and lignin, which can help improve the health of the fish’s digestive tract.

2. Abundant Availability

The palm oil industry is one of the large industries in Indonesia. Therefore, palm kernel meal is very abundantly available. This makes palm kernel meal an alternative feed that is economical and easily accessible to fish farmers.

3. Potential to Increase Protein Availability in Feed

Currently, the fish feed commonly used by fish farmers still relies on rice bran and corn. The protein content in rice and corn bran is relatively low when compared to palm kernel meal. By using palm kernel meal as additional feed, you can increase the availability of protein in the feed and ultimately optimize fish growth.

4. Environmental Benefits

In recent years, the palm oil industry has often been associated with environmental problems. One way that can be done to reduce the negative impact is to use palm kernel meal as additional feed. By using palm kernel meal, we can reduce the amount of waste and use it as a useful feed source.

How to Give Palm Kernel Meal to Fish

1. Drying and Storage

Before being used as feed, palm kernel meal needs to be processed first. Palm kernel meal must be dried well to reduce moisture levels and prevent mold growth. Once dry, palm kernel meal can be stored in an airtight container to maintain its quality.

2. Preparation and Mixing

Before giving palm kernel meal to fish, make sure palm kernel meal does not contain dangerous ingredients or contaminants. If possible, it is best if the palm kernel meal used has been tested in a laboratory to ensure its safety. Apart from that, it is also recommended that palm kernel meal be mixed with other fish feed to achieve optimal nutritional balance.

3. Correct Use

When giving palm kernel meals to fish, it is important to pay attention to the correct dosage. The optimal dose of palm kernel meal still needs to be studied further for each type of fish being farmed. If abnormal symptoms occur in fish after being given palm kernel meal feed, stop giving it immediately and consult a fisheries expert.

Benefits of Applying Palm Kernel Meal to Fisheries Businesses

1. Increase fish growth and production

By providing the right palm kernel meal, fish can get balanced and better nutrition. This can help increase fish growth and production significantly. On a fisheries business scale, this increase in production can have a positive impact on greater profits for fish farmers.

2. Reduce dependence on commercial feed

Commercial feed generally has quite high prices. By providing palm kernel meals that can be obtained at a cheaper price, fish farmers can reduce their dependence on expensive commercial feed. This will help improve the welfare of fish farmers and reduce production costs.

3. Positive Impact on the Palm Oil Industry

The use of palm kernel meal as additional feed can also have a positive impact on the palm oil industry. With the increasing need for palm kernel meal, the palm oil industry can look for solutions to manage and utilize this side of waste. This positive impact also plays a role in maintaining the sustainability of the palm oil industry in the future.

4. Sustainability and Environmental Preservation

Giving palm kernel meals to fish can also contribute to protecting and preserving the environment. By utilizing by-product waste from the palm oil industry, we can reduce the amount of waste produced and optimize the use of natural resources. This means that the application of palm kernel meal to fisheries businesses also contributes to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems.


Providing palm kernel meal as additional feed to fisheries businesses has great potential in increasing fish growth and production. Palm kernel meal has good nutritional content, abundant availability, and has the potential to reduce dependence on commercial feed. Apart from that, the use of palm kernel meals also provides benefits for the environment and the palm oil industry as a whole. In its application, it is necessary to pay attention to processing, dosing, and monitoring the fish’s reaction to the feed provided.

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